The Group is a relatively informal bunch of  railway modellers specialising in the modelling of North America railroads. Most of our members are also members of the NMRA British Region and we encourage new members to join up once they think they like us. Initially set up as a modular group specialising in 1:87th scale HO standard gauge railways, the group has a small but flourishing narrow gauge modelling group interested in 1:48th scale narrow gauge modelling, On30.

The principle layout is Bearwood, a large HO twin track main line modular layout some 30 feet long and 11 feet wide.

Several members are now active building and operating HO Modules to the new NMRA BR design.

We also had a smaller HO layout called Aldridge which we inherited some years ago and had updated. Unfortunately during routine work on this layout in early February 2014 it became evident that the track work is starting to succumb to old age. As a result Aldridge has been withdrawn from service, after making a final appearance at the Bearwood Open Day in March 2014.

The Group meets once a month in the north Bournemouth suburb of Bearwood. Click here for information on meetings and contact information.

For more on the NMRA and other useful links click here. Brian Coombes has started up a Bearwood page on Facebook. If you stumbled across us by accident and are wondering what North American Model Railroading is all about there is also a free online magazine, Model Railroad Hobbyist, that is devoted to the subject. You can read/download/register it here. There is also a related Internet TV station but that is a subscription service.

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