The 404th Fighter Group

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                                    9th Air Force

                                    404th Dive Bomb Group

                                    404th Fighter Bomber Group at Winkton  (April 1944)     (May 1944)   (June 1944)  (July 1944)

                                    404th Fighter Group after Winkton

                                    Leap Off - the official history of the 404th.

                                    Carroll W McColpin

                                    Hal Shook

                                    Clay Tice Jr

                                   Leo Moon

                                    Wilbur Vinson (coping with the losses)

                                     404th miscellany

                                    Off to France

                                    Pilots on parade

                                    Cockpit Portraits

                                   Winkton Pilots' listing

                                    Bill Lee Gallery

                                    Claude O'Brien Gallery

                                   In Memorium