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John Levesley

I live in Bransgore, the village which borders the eastern edge of the site of the former Winkton ALG. I recently retired as an Air Traffic Control Officer working for National Air Traffic Services Ltd. at its Department for Air Traffic Training and Simulation located at Bournemouth Airport. For many years whilst driving to work I had thought how suitable the land between Bransgore and the neighbouring village of Sopley was for use as an aerodrome. Following the publication in 1982 of Chris Ashworth's book on Military Airfields of the South West. I was intrigued to find that those fields had indeed been used, all be it for only a few months in 1944. My imagination was caught and here, after a number of years of on-off application, is my compilation of information on Winkton ALG and the operations from the ALG by the 404th Fighter Bomber Group of the US 9th Air Force.

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